Monday, February 2, 2009

Librarylin & Blogging

private: very
blog: about literature
why? share & learn
why else? continuing technical education
and? travel vicariously through books plus through blogs & pics by not so private folks


  1. Hey Librarylin
    Sounds like you do alot with this type of technology(blogging and picture sharing). One day I may really get into it especially when our kids live in far off places and they have our grandchildren with them. ;-)
    I do hope this was the type of comment we are to be doing!
    Later CV-Di

  2. Di, I don't really do a lot of technology. My daughter's friends got me on Facebook, but it amazes me how they have time to keep it up. Of course they all constantly text which I refuse to do. Of course grandchildren can certainly force one to update ones skills! You seem to be doing great yourself. librarylin