Monday, March 16, 2009

TCCL 23 Things #22: Audio Books

I listen to Audio books in my vehicle all the time or on my portable CD player and I have checked out Playaways, the pre-loaded digital audiobooks in the Media Center. However, I don't have any of those fancy digital ipods, iphones, or MP3 players. Guess I'll have to win one in the drawings for the prizes. But I can attempt to download a TCCL digital book on my laptop at home. When I use the phrase, curl up with a good book, I somehow don't picture me and my computer. Am thinking of purchasing a Kindle for my son's 40th this year, but don't plan to get one myself until I retire and start traveling. Books can be heavy.

Eureka! I've completed Thing #22. First had to receive coaching from our wonderful IT Department on disabling the Google Tool Bar Notifier on my home laptop. For some reason, probably a challenge to my tech skills, it locked me out from gaining access to Internet Explorer and thus, the TCCL catalog. This morning Carey patiently coached me as to disabling all the Google options and then again trying to access Internet Explorer. Sped home at noon and got into TCCL catalog and successfully downloaded "The Gospel According to Oprah" and completed Discovery Exercise for Thing #22!! And I completed Thing #23: Survey. Gist was that "you can teach an old dog new tricks". AND for my final task, I notified and penned a description of my completed online experience to Continued Education. Is Hallelujah! too strong?

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