Monday, March 16, 2009

TCCL Library Thing #21: Podcasts put this feed on my Bloglines account. It's an informative talk show, a newsroundup on everything about Harry Potter. The one I listened to featured an interview with the U.S. Harry Potter illustrator. The Mugglecast is made up of young people in their early twenties attending a variety of colleges or are recent graduates. Only one Brit in the group. I'm sure I'll have the opportunity to share this podcast with some of our customers who are HP fans.

Also put on Dan Carlin's Hardcore History feed. He presents thought provoking questions and issues and interviews interesting historians.

The number of podcasts available is somewhat overwhelming, but I intended to continue to explore some of the choices, especially those library-related podcasts. It is very convenient to be able to put them as feeds on Bloglines. Really don't see how or why our library would incorporate, but it's food for thought.

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