Sunday, March 15, 2009

TCCL Thing #20: Explore YouTube

This is the one 2.0 website that I am somewhat familiar with, but really don't use that often because my nose is usually in a book when I go home or I'm playing with our Boston Terrier puppies. After being online helping customers all day, I just don't want to go online on my personal laptop.
Sometimes when friends are over, someone will suggest a YouTube site for us all to watch.

like Tacojohn commericials, starring Whiplash the cowboy monkey. Hilarious!

as for the library... We did use at Rudisill to entertain and be entertained by kids before the MLK Day parade. The kids danced to rap song videos. Did have to find ones with suitable lyrics. a library event could be videoed and published on YouTube, but right now I can't see the value. Actually TCCL could have filmed the Spring Employee family party where members of families explored the Teen simulated guitar games. That incident could be shared on a social network as an example of a fun library get together.

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